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At Nouadhibou port, millions of small-scale fishermen have to face the exhaustion of resources and have to take more and more risks in order to retrieve fish. European industrial trawlers catch fish at large scale, in the frame of the biggest fishery contract of the world. But a new actor plays his role nowadays: it is China, charming Mauritania government for making substantial investments. Unfortunately, this fact does not arrange small-scale fishermen’s affairs…

Photo of the movie : "Nouadhibou"

Our opinion

An educational film, well-structured, with great photography and music, presenting in a short time the most important issues related to overfishing, fishery role in the daily life of local population from an economical and food security point of view. It underlines the tightness between quality and massive quantities for export and fish availability on local markets, the role of the State… The testimony of the Mauritanian fisherman Aroun on China’s role in Mauritanian fishery sector and the decline of EU's role is very interesting. Nouadhibou's example in Mauritania well depicts the subject of “sea grabbing” from richest countries and big fish consumers (think about the example of “Chindiafrica”). Greenpeace action and sustainable fishery issues are also briefly presented.

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